PPR Welding Machine

ppr welding machine
constant temperature seris
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ppr pipe welding machine

Instruction for use
1.This receives inserts the type to melt the welding machine isΦ63-160,
2.The specification hasΦ63,Φ75,Φ90,Φ110,Φ160.Take the pipe Fixes in the left side jig, Remains according to the actual situation takes the suitable length, In fitting fixed right margin adjustable shelf.
3.Accroding the pipe’s size, Chooses the same model the mold, Left side of the hot plate lays aside the concave shape mold, Right margin lays aside the raised mold, Uses again M8×40 the screw fixes in the circular telegram hot plate,
4.the circular telegram heats up, Might adjust temperature controls moves 250±10, the red candle is bright when expresses the heating, the red candle extinguishes, the green light to be bright time then operates.
5.When the hot plate green light is bright is the operation, When fitting and tubing melting,
6.Through shakes the handwheel, carries on the welding the tubing and the fitting, after treating the size arriving, lets its heat absorption the approximately 30 seconds then.
7.The rapid withdrawal welding die head, to receives the tubing and the fitting compression cooling to the room temperature then, the welding finished.