Product name : Stub Flange
Size : Butt Fusion Fittings
Welding Range : 
Package QTY : 
G.W : 
N.W : 
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  PE pipes and fittings Features:
PE pipe material nontoxic, tasteless,it belongs to green building materials, never scaling, 
which caneffectively improve the water quality. 
2.Corrosion resistance: 
High resistance to attack from various types of chemicals. No electrochemical corrosion.
3.No Leakage:
PE pipe is connected in the ways of butt fusion, socket fusion and electrofusion and the
 strength of joint point is higher than tube itself .
4.higher flow capacity:
The Smooth inner wall is easy for pipeline transportation .Under the same condition
delivery capacity can be increased by 30%.
5.Convenient for construction and installation:
PE pipe could be installed in a variety of trenchless ways, so it is very convenient for 
construction and installation.
6.Lower system and maintenance costs:
PE pipe is not only convenient to transport and install, but also  reduce the worker’s 
labor intensity and improve work efficiency.
7.Longevity: 50 years under pressure use.
8. Recycled and Environment-friendly
Item  Size MM Pressure
Stub Flange 63 SDR11
75 SDR13.6
90 SDR13.6
110 SDR13.6
125 SDR13.6
140 SDR13.6
160 SDR13.6
180 SDR13.6
200 SDR13.6
225 SDR13.6
250 L SDR13.6
250 S SDR13.6
280 L SDR13.6
280 S SDR13.6
315 L SDR17
315 S SDR17
355 L SDR17
355 S SDR17
400 L SDR17
400 S SDR17
450 L SDR17
450 S SDR17
500 L SDR17
500 S SDR17
560 SDR17
560 SDR17
560 SDR17
560 SDR17
630L SDR17
630 S SDR17
710 L SDR17
710 S SDR17
800 L SDR17
800 S SDR17
900 L SDR17
900 S SDR17
1000 L SDR17
1000 S SDR17

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